PETIPOM curates and delivers the world’s most iconic flowers with an affinity for heirloom, novelty as well as classic varieties.  We find in flowers an endless source of enchantment - their harmonies, texture, grace and perpetual renewal to be cherished, shared and responsibly cultivated.


Our sourced-to-order model means that we source only the flowers you require, for the date you require, from specialist growers around the world. For this reason, we ask that you place your order 5 days or more in advance of your desired delivery date. In this way, you can enjoy greater choice and longer-lasting flowers with a minimum number of touchpoints along their journey to you. Pre-ordering also helps growers better plan their harvests and to minimise waste along the supply chain. 


Our signature bag, wrapping and notecards - all free of plastic coating - are 100% recyclable. Flower stems are hydrated in 100% cotton and although contained in a waterproof plastic bag to prevent leakage, we are working towards phasing these out. We have also eliminated the use of florist foam (a non-biodegradeable plastic product often used in the industry).