Flower Subscriptions


Bring the magic of flowers to your home or workspace with our subscription service. From jewel-toned hydrangeas and ethereal delphinium to ruffled novelty roses, each delivery is a discovery in form, colour and beauty. 

Our subscription service makes it effortless for you to manage your subscription anytime. Out of town or received too many birthday flowers? Treat yourself with this delivery, surprise a friend with the next? Simply skip, pause, redirect to a new delivery address or cancel your subscription anytime online. 

A complimentary vase comes with your first delivery. 

How it works

Select your subscription plan

Choose your subscription plan – Classic at $580 or Grand at $980 per delivery.

Select your Frequency & Duration

Choose from 7,14 or 28 day frequencies and your desired subscription duration (number of months).


Pause, skip, cancel your subscription anytime (with a minimum of 4 deliveries).

At a glance

  • Single variety bunches of the season’s finest flowers, sourced-to-order, delivered to your doorstep on Mondays.
  • A complimentary vase with your first delivery.
  • All flowers (with the exception of the first delivery) are delivered in a re-usable acrylic container as part of our zero-waste packaging commitment. We encourage you to handle and transfer the flowers to your own vase as soon as you receive them.
  • Pause, cancel or change your delivery details online by logging in to My Account.

Select Plan



Our Classic Subscription brings the season’s most beloved flowers to your doorstep. Each delivery is equivalent in value or size to 15 medium-headed roses.



The Grand Subscription gives you access to our full range of flowers, including classic, novelty and luxury varieties. Each delivery is equivalent in value or size to 28 medium-headed roses.

Select Your Frequency

Every 7 days

Every 14 days

Every 28 days

Select Duration

3 months

6 months

12 months





Charged every 28 days, for the duration selected

Set your First Delivery Date

All subscription flowers are delivered on a Monday.



How will my flowers arrive?

For your first delivery, flowers will be arranged in a complimentary vase. Subsequent flowers will be delivered in a re-usable acrylic container (for collection, cleaning and re-use) as part of our sustainability commitment. We encourage you to transfer your flowers to a vase of clean water (ideally, with flower food) as soon as possible upon receipt. We collect acrylic containers on the first Monday of each month. To support our zero waste packaging loop, please kindly leave the container(s) at your doorstep on the first Monday of each month.

Can I choose what flowers I receive?

Our subscription service offers single variety bunches of the season's finest flowers, some classic, others rare or hard-to-find, with a view to delight you. At this moment, we do not offer personalised choices or mixed arrangements for our Classic and Grand subscription plans. However, if you are interested in a bespoke subscription, please contact us at contact@petipom.com.

Can I modify the delivery address?

You may redirect a delivery by editing or adding a new address after you login to your account or via the subscription link emailed to you at the time of purchase. You may also contact us at contact@petipom.com. Please note that all changes must be input 7 days before your next scheduled delivery.


All subscription plans, regardless of your selected frequency, are billed monthly. Your first payment is due at the time of purchase. Subsequent payments are taken from your nominated account every 28 days. You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime with a minimum of 4 deliveries.


To modify your subscription frequency or duration, simply contact us at contact@petipom.com


To skip a delivery, simply login to your account and select skip payment. To cancel your subscription, click cancel. You may cancel anytime with a minimum of 4 deliveries. Please note that all changes must be made 7 days before your next scheduled delivery.